Flyers and Mailing

A flyer is a small, lightweight printed document that is used to convey advertising information about products and services of a company or institution with a brief and concise message.

Flyers are an advertising medium to enhance and reinforce the image of a company or an institution or simply to announce an event or promote a service.

Mailing is a direct marketing action consisting of introducing advertising in mailboxes of potential consumers of certain products or services in order to advertise them.

Flyers are usually sent to the customer by introducing the flyers in their mailbox or delivering them by hand, leaving them on the windshield of their vehicle or on the door knob.


Generally, due to their nature, flyers tend to be a small size, usually quarto size (similar to A5) and consist only of a single sheet.

Other regular sizes for this type of documents are the A4, A5 and even A6 format.

It is also possible to make a flyer format with special measurements depending on the customer's needs.


Flyers can be printed on one or two sides, as needed, and they are usually printed in one of the following ways:

  • colour (four-colour)
  • in black
  • in two colours
  • or a combination of all of them

In some circumstances, Pantone colours or special inks are used to be able to extend the range of colours and provide the document with colour details that attract attention or simply to adapt to the corporate colours of the corresponding company or institution.


The most commonly used media for printing flyers are very varied, but coated paper, offset paper and recycled paper are generally used. It is not usual to find flyers printed on special papers given the perishable nature of the product.

The weights used in flyers usually focus on low weights, between 80 and 150 grams, although there is no real limitation in this regard and any weight can be chosen for printing them. Bearing in mind that heavy weights in large quantities make the product more expensive.


When choosing the format of the flyer, it is necessary to take into account the quantity and size of the contents, the message that you want to transmit and choose the appropriate format proportionally.

A format that is too large will increase the final cost of the product (especially in large quantities).
On the other hand, a format that is too small can make your message less legible and therefore lose strength.

If the flyers are delivered to the customers via ordinary mailing, the weight on which the flyers are printed takes on special relevance, since excessive weight may make the mailing much more expensive by putting it in a weight range with a higher rate. For a campaign of this type, you have to correctly study the weight of each and every one of the items that are sent by post to ensure that you do not exceed the weight unnecessarily.