Printing tests

Additionally, we offer our customers a printing test service before the final printing of the commission, to ensure the correct colour equivalence in the final printing.


A printing test is a document that verifies the final imposition of the document and its final colour before its final printing.

We can distinguish between two types of printing tests:

  • Imposition or Ferro test: To verify the existence and correct placement of all the elements that make up the commission (texts, images, effects...).
  • Colour test: It is essentially carried out to ensure that the colour we will get in the final printing is correct.                  

It acts as a colour guide when printing the commission on the machine. Keep in mind that colours are not always reproduced in the printing machine as we see them on the monitor where the design is carried out. It is very common that there are variations due to incorrect calibration of the monitors, or simply because the printing machine uses a CMYK colour space that is different from the RGB colour space used on the monitors.

At ORVY we offer the service to obtain both types of printing tests.